Slot Overview: Wild, Wild Bananas

Pragmatic Play followed up its Irish-themed slot machine, Wild Wild Riches, with a similarly named slot machine, Wild Wild Bananas. First impressions can be deceiving, and it’s true that there are many similarities between Wild Wild Bananas and other similar games. However, Wild Wild Bananas is an improvement over the original game because to its updated rules, redesigned features, and significantly greater odds of winning. This is fairly out there, right? There is only one way to find out.

One of the most striking differences and one of the most striking commonalities come first. When it comes to the former, Wild Wild Bananas abandons Ireland for warmer climes. A beach where the water appears warm and welcoming and where unusual flora is abundant. The 5 reel game grid with the 3-3-4-4-4 configuration has been framed using bamboo lashed together. This time around, this grid may expand in size, and we’ll go through the details below. It’s unclear where the action takes place, but the Mowgli-like character icon suggests it takes place far from civilization, or that the protagonist is only a kid from a neighboring town. Possibly up for debate or interpretation.

Players can select a scenario, a wager of 25 percent to £/€100 every spin, and the presence or absence of an ante bet. When activated, the bet is increased by 20%, and the possibility of gaining access to free spins is multiplied by two. Theoretically, the game returns 96.1% if the Ante Bet is not activated, and 96.15% if it is. This very unpredictable game (ranked 4 out of 5) may be played on any mobile, desktop, or tablet device.

Wild Wild Bananas uses a ways method to calculate payouts, so each time at least three identical symbols appear in a row beginning on the leftmost reel, players will receive a reward. Five diamonds, clubs, hearts, or spades will return 0.4x to 0.8x the wager, whereas five snakes, toucans, monkeys, or children will return 1x to 4x the wager. Wilds can aid in this endeavor by substituting for standard coin symbols. Only the first two reels include wild symbols.

Slot Machine Features in Wild, Wild Bananas

In Wild Wild Bananas, wild symbols not only substitute for all others, but they also trigger the game’s Money Collect feature and free spins bonus.

Option to Collect Funds

On reels 3, 4, and 5, bananas represent the Money symbols. Banana icons pay off between one and twenty-five times the wager when they appear. Bananas might also represent the Mini, Major, or Mega jackpots, which would pay out 50x, 100x, or 500x the wager, respectively. The jackpot symbols are only seen on the fifth reel. In addition, the banana values in a left-to-right pay manner are awarded when wild symbols appear on reels 1 and 2, with adjacent banana symbols on reels 3-5. This function is accessible during both regular play and free spins.

Bonus Turns

Players receive 10 free games when wild symbols appear on the first two reels and a bonus symbol appears on the third reel. More wilds and bananas appear during free games. The Golden Money emblem is exclusive to Wild Wild Bananas and not Wild Wild Riches. It appears on reels 3-5 exclusively during the bonus game. If a Golden Money sign appears on a reel, that reel will have one more slot for the duration of the feature. The maximum number of slots on a reel is 8. If a Golden Money symbol appears on a reel that has eight cells on it, the player receives a random number of free games, anything from five to ten. After a retrigger has occurred on a certain reel, no further Golden Money symbols will display on that reel.

Final Say on Wild, Wild Bananas Slots

Wild Wild Bananas is well named; the action on the reels can get rather wild. The title also alludes to the game’s basic tenets, such as the need that players land wilds on the first two reels before they can win money or free spins. The new reel-expanding capabilities of the Golden Money symbol allow Wild Wild Bananas to theoretically become more wilder than Wild Wild Riches in terms of winning possibilities. If a large number of Golden Money symbols appear, the board will open up considerably, making it easier for other Money symbols or even conventional methods wins to occur.

Five-of-a-kind payouts are lower now than they were before, and multipliers have been eliminated, apparently to achieve some sort of equilibrium. Despite this, Wild Wild Bananas remains the slot with the most potential, since the win ceiling has been increased to 12,000x the stake from the previous 4,608. The visual and auditory aspects of the game are mostly unchanged from the original, yet one’s opinion of the game may change based on personal preference, since Irish-themed slots are far more frequent than beachy ones.

Both games have the bright, glossy, smooth execution that has come to be expected from Pragmatic Play, which helps to keep the action moving forward. If you enjoy games in which you gather currency symbols, Wild Wild Bananas may be a good fit for you. The increased win ceiling and extending reels feature might be just what’s needed to make the game even more desirable than it already was.

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